“We  own a condo in Sunnyvale that is part of a large multi-condo building. Our next door neighbors saw water damage to the drywall in their garage. The leak was traced to plumbing behind the drywall in our garage.

Mr. Mulhall came out for us personally on behalf of Mulhall Construction and Remodeling to restore insulation and drywall in both garages, in the area where it had to be torn down to expose the leaking water pipes. He completed the insulation and drywall restoration after work by two other contractors, a water damage specialist and a plumber. We selected Mr. Mulhall upon the recommendation of the water damage specialist.

He inspected the two garages and emailed us an itemized estimate, which we accepted. He coordinated directly with the water damage specialist and came out on a Saturday to complete the work for us ASAP (which we had not specifically requested). He completed the job within his original estimate, which seems very reasonable for the materials and work time that was required. There was already some other small damage to our drywall in an adjoining area from a previous incident, and he repaired that for us without an extra charge, something that we had not specifically requested.

At the end, he cleaned up the work areas in both garages, leaving no dust or any other debris from the work that he did for us.

At this time I have no reason to be anything but completely satisfied with his work.” - Ronald I., Sunnyvale, CA


“A friend that had a bad smelling kitchen leak referred Robert from Mold Muncher.  He said that Robert fixed the leak and cleaned under the cabinets the same day; so, I contacted Robert and had him take a look at my leaking windows.

Robert was very thorough and found that the windows had not been sealed properly, causing damage and mold on the inside sheet-rock.  Robert said that about 60% of his work has been correcting problems from other contractors who performed repairs incorrectly on people’s homes.

Before he started to repair the sheet-rock, he sealed off the area with plastic walls and used air filtration machines to stop the spread of mold and dust to the rest of the house.  I personally thought that this was somewhat of an overkill!  To my amazement, as he tood the wall apart, I was shocked to see the amount black mold and rotten wood on the inside of the wall.

After the job was completed, the walls and window looked like they were never damaged and the paint matched perfectly.

Thank you for a nice clean job.” - Jack from Portola Valley


“Robert Mulhall has been a great contractor for me and my real estate business.  I have used his services on my family’s personal and rental properties.

He provides many different skills at a very high level of finished quality.  He is more than willing to work with my customers and their schedules.  There is nothing he can’t do.

Thank you for your good workmanship.” - Mike Durkin, ReMax Real Estate


“I am the Chief Engineer of a large production facility.  We have used Mold Muncher/Mulhall Construction and Remodeling to work on a large re-piping and sewage clean-up project.  All the other companies we talked to didn’t have the ability nor the capability to complete the professional clean-up, restoration, and sewer pipe replacement services in one estimate.

Mr. Mulhall’s pricing was very competitive.  He saved our company over $250,000 in the clean-up and plumbing work which made our corporate managers very happy.

When I was working with him, Mr. Mulhall had good insight in what our facility needed and how to perform the necessary work needed in our 24-hours a day, 7-days a week operations of our facility as he was a local 39 stationary engineer before.

He’s very hard working and was able to complete a very difficult job with excellent results.

Thank you.” - Omar Garcia, Chief Engineer, ABM Corp.