Sewer Lines, Water Heaters, and Water Supply Lines

We offer a Contractor’s Warranty with all our work

Sewer Lines

Bad sewage lines can leak for years without being detected causing sewage spills. 

Simply calling a regular plumber in NOT the answer.  A regular plumber will have to call one or more other companies to do the clean-up.  The other company’s overhead, service charges, mark-up, and REFERRAL FEES will be passed on to you, the customer.

We do cost-effective repairs for our customers with a warranty on all of the clean-up.  Check around, plumbers’ REFERRAL FEES cost you, the customer, extra money.


Cast iron and ABS Drain Line Replacement, Surface and French-Drain Installations, Earth-Moving & Trenching, Catch Basins and Sump Pump Installation/Repairs.

Hot Water Heaters

Our company has been replacing hot water heaters for years.  We can give you a very competitive price.

It is important to effectively dry the structure and its contents to avoid the formation of mold after the plumbing work has been completed.  (All-In-One Service)

Don’t get taken by a plumber that refers you to a water damage company!

Call US, for a One Stop Shop, we will replace your water heater, clean up the mess, dry out the structure, effect and repairs needed and deodorize the area fast and effectively.

Leaking Water Pipes

Call us for your One Stop Shop to repair of replace your water supply lines.

We can fix small leaks, change out a bad valve or replace all of your existing galvanized water lines to new copper water supply lines.

If the new installation requires water damage repair, mold abatement or patching and painting; we are the company for YOU.  Call US for a free inspection.

Do it right the first time with Mold Muncher