Warrantied Leak Detection and Repair

All in one fix!  Don’t hire a company that will only fix your leaking windows, pipes, or roof!

What about?  Flooring repairs, insulation replacement, mold prevention, sewage clean up, water extraction, structural drying, sanitizing, deodorizing, dry wall repair, patching, painting, base board and trim, lead paint removal, insurance billing, testing and lab reports, air quality and containment?

Many repairs involve different skills and trades to finish the job completely and correctly.

Do it right the first time, call MOLD MUNCHER.

We have over 20 years in the business of water damage, home repair, sewage, and mold removal.  We are your best and most cost-effective choice.


Leaks from pipes can cause mold and bacteria growth within 24-48 hours.

Sewage leaks are a direct threat to your health due to air-born pathogens and parasites.

We have been doing plumbing repairs from large comercial buildings and sewage plants to small crawl spaces and dishwasher overflows.

Call us, WE will investigate by using thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to find the source of you problem.


Windows usually leak due to old age and/or incorrect installation causing dry rot and mold. 

As the walls are opened up for the repairs, an unknowing handyman or contractor can spread thousands of toxic mold spores throughout your home.

Our company uses thermal imaging, containment, and negative air scrubbers has replaced hundreds of windows with water-damaged dry wall and dry-rotted framing.

We can complete the total repair package as we protect your home and family.


Leaking roofs can cause hidden damage to your insulation and/or dry wall causing rapid mold growth.  Although the leak may be repaired, mold growth continues to fester.  We give you a full inspection of the structure to include all roof, ceiling repairs, and mold.